Founded in 2019 by Emilie Messal, EMI MESS is a ready-to-wear comtemporary French Maison which is positioned on the affordable luxury market. This unique and feminine, beyond-season wardrobe, is a selection of essential and timeless pieces to mix and match giving craftmanship back its former glory. A French label, an independent Maison, EMI MESS is a personal and spiritual journey to craft clothes in keeping with tradition and with a sustainable approach.
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As a child, she already wanted to create her own label.


She held her grandmother’s hand, who dreamed of becoming a « petite-main » at Balmain ; and she proudly ran through the streets of Aix-en-Provence to find exceptional pieces, already at that time. She enjoyed strutting around in her grand-mother’s stilettos.


Born in Paris, in exile on the French Riviera, the founder and creative director, Emilie Messal is passionate. Determined and an incorrigible perfectionist, after various successful experiences in the fashion world, she offers her vision today of a very French, timeless wardrobe on the affordable luxury market.


Going against the tide, she offers trans-seasonal collections, far, far away from fast fashion, with a sustainable approach.