JANESSA LEONÉ wird in Deutschland, Österreich und Schweiz repräsentiert durch die Agentur THESTYLEMANIFEST - TSMA
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About Janessa Leoné

Janessa Leoné is an elevated accessories label based in Los Angeles. The brand creates sophisticated pieces with a focus on timeless, minimal designs that are both unique and classic. Each line is hand made using a consistent foundation of the highest quality material- yielding pieces that can be worn through many seasons. Established in 2013, Janessa Leoné offers hats and handbags which have become a favorite among celebrities and influencers.


The process of handweaving Panama Straw requires precision and skill. Each straw hood is woven from natural toquilla straw grown in Ecuador. The fiber is braided into an intricate pattern until a finished hood is produced. The material is sent from Ecuador to our factory where they are shaped and trimmed into finished hats. Each hood is woven by a single weaver and takes anywhere from 8-10 hours to complete the weaving process. Panama straw is weather resistant and provides natural UV protection. It is the choice hat for summer because of it’s lightweight durability. When cared for properly, Panama straw will last a lifetime. Because of the natural fibers, our custom dyed panama colors will transform and change slightly over time. Due to the handwoven pattern and the natural dye, each hat is considered one of a kind. All our hats are made in the USA.


We only use wool that is sustainable and cruelty free. Our 100% virgin wool is taken from a lamb’s first shearing resulting in the softest, finest wool available. We clean, scour, and dye our wool in our employee owned factory right here in the United States. From shearing the wool to hand polishing a finished body, our hats pass through 50 skilled artisan’s hands.


Our handbags are made in a small factory in the South of Spain. Every bag is delicately hand-made by skilled artisans with the best quality Spanish leather. Vegetable Tanned Leather is a natural leather without use of any synthetic chemicals in the tanning process. Due to it’s natural, naked finish our handbags will show their wear beautifully over time. Vegetable Tanned Leather is intended to wear in with average use.