MATIN wird in Deutschland, Österreich und Schweiz repräsentiert durch die Agentur THESTYLEMANIFEST - TSMA
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About Matin

Matin: noun (a) period of time between midnight and noon, esp. from sunrise to noon. (b) the beginning of day. (c) sunrise; daybreak; dawn. (d) the earliest period; “the morning of the world”.


The MATIN woman is adventurous, grounded and effortless. She has a natural ability to seamlessly blend a laid back sensibility with a classic, understated elegance.


She is confident, inspiring, and unconventional in her style, as she effortlessly navigates her way between her urban and coastal lives.


Local production and natural fabrications are at the heart of MATIN. Cotton, linen and silk is constructed into timeless shapes with a contemporary edge. Traditional man-style tailoring in harder wearing cotton fabrications sit harmoniously alongside 70’s French romantic shapes with lace, gathered skirts, intricate trims and subtle ruffles informing a sensual spirit.


MATIN is designed & made in Sydney, Australia.